Customized Strength, Conditioning, and Athletic Performance Training
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Our results-driven private hardcore warehouse-type training laboratory was built with one thing in mind - IMPROVE ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE! We are NOT a public gym. We cater to serious lifters and athletes who are looking to take their game to the next level. We deliver unmatched results by combining programming that is focused on progressive development and acquisition of the necessary tools to succeed on the field of play, such as age-appropriate and performance level training strategies that emphasize strength, speed, power, mobility, agility, quickness, sport-specific endurance training, work capacity, general health, and sportsmanship. Under the watchful eye of our Strength Training & Conditioning coach, each athlete receives individual attention and proper technique is taught to ensure safety, to correct common errors, and produce optimal performance and results. For those Physically Active Youths, Competitive Individuals, Serious Lifters, Varsity Prep and Collegiate Athletes, and Coaches looking to participate in our Strength Training & Conditioning programs, you must request an invitation to join. We only accept 20-25 athletes/clients at a time into our program.

Utilizing what we refer to as "customized group training," our athletes benefit from the motivational aspect of athletic training in a group environment (2-4 athletes per group) while receiving the undivided individual attention required to elevate performance. Strength Training & Conditioning Programs are carefully designed based on key training variables, personal need, and performance and training goals. There are no "cookie cutter" programs, as each athlete has a customized program to meet and surpass individual goals within the group setting. This is one of the "secrets" to our success and the reason why (no matter how hard other gyms try to duplicate our methods) fail. It's impossible to duplicate us!

DOMINATE Gym’s established Youth Health, Wellness, and Physical Preparation Program is designed to provide a positive, safe, and supportive environment that allows each member of the youth community to develop mentally, physically, and spiritually. Our mission is simple: to assist each individual athlete and general fitness client in achieving their personal goals by implementing a QUALITY comprehensive Strength Training & Conditioning program driven by scientifically proven training methods, with an emphasis on injury reduction and performance. Each group of 2-4 athletes will be developed and divisioned according to age, skill levels, and physical capabilities, and what physical skills are achievable and appropriate for each age group. If ages must be mixed, competitive scenarios that reward performance and winning will be minimized, and instead emphasis will be placed on effort and attitude. A "Healthy Lifestyle" is not an event; it is a way of life.

The DOMINATE method is the base for all of our training, and it can be used with any type of  program— lifts, runs, agilities, you name it. DOMINATE consists of eight core principles that all successful Strength & Conditioning programs must have and be able to do:

  • Discipline
  • Organize
  • Motivate
  • Innovate
  • Navigate
  • Accountability
  • Trust
  • Execution

Our Core Values: 

  • Lead from the Front
  • Be Transparent
  • Always Over Deliver
  • Develop Relationships
  • Provide Positive Mentoring 
  • Provide a Motivating Training Atmosphere 

Our goal is simple, elevate performance, push through barriers, and become the best!

DOMINATE Gym’s Strength, Conditioning, and Athletic Performance Program
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Physical Preparation for Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, and First Responders

Quality first responder physical fitness training is vital to your success. Too often, firefighters, police officers, EMTs, military personnel, and others in tactical careers are led astray in their training. Where an occupational workload often requires highly physically demanding, dynamic tasks performed with minimal notice and maximal effort in unpredictable environments, including running, jumping, crawling, balancing, climbing, lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, fighting, dragging and restraining a suspect, physical preparedness is not a luxury, but a requirement critical to job function.

DOMINATE Gym’s tactical strength and conditioning training is built on practical research-based methods that integrate exercise science, restorative protocols, nutrition coaching, mindset training, and soft-tissue therapy. Our tactical programs are designed for performance on the job.

Fitness Attributes of Tactical Athletes

  • High maximal and absolute strength
  • High dynamic strength and reactive/explosive strengths
  • High work capacity for short, intense events
  • Power for fast, explosive movements
  • Speed for short to moderate distance sprints
  • Upper body strength, power, and mass for suspect handling and intimidation
  • Grip strength for apprehension, grappling, victim rescue, and marksmanship
  • Rehabilitation, balancing strength, and injury prevention
  • Durability for a long career

Our Programming for Tactical Athletes

Our programming for tactical athletes focuses on training that transfers to enhanced performance on the job. For tactical athletes, it does not always matter how much you bench press or squat when restraining a suspect, lifting a patient, or dragging a hose line.

Strength and conditioning is the foundation of athletic performance and our programs focus on getting you physically stronger and improving your cardiovascular conditioning, which we refer to as Real World Training. We emphasize full body strength training with heavy traditional barbell and dumbbell exercises in conjunction with strongman lifts and movements to increase size and strength endurance, raise work capacity, and thoroughly develop the tactical athlete’s “chassis” – legs, hips, and trunk.

In addition to full body strength, we also use numerous corrective, restorative, and remedial exercises to reinforce the areas of the body where injuries are most likely to occur in tactical athletes – the shoulders, hips, and especially the lower back. This preventative approach increases the tactical athlete’s durability by addressing potential injuries before they become an issue.

We understand the responsibility of physical readiness and develop programs accordingly. Our training programs change approximately every three weeks to keep training challenging, to avoid staleness and boredom, and to prevent accommodation, whereby performance and intensity stagnates and decreases. Our programs are designed with built-in recovery weeks to protect the athlete from overextending their workload or overtraining when needed.

Whether you are a police officer, firefighter, EMT, military personnel, or in another tactical career, we can develop a training program that is challenging, protects you from injury, and keeps you on the job. Let us help with your tactical strength and conditioning training.

Optimize Your Strength Program, Talk With Others, and Take Action!

I am Proud of the SOCIAL INTEREST GROUPS developed by Modern Mature Male that focus on WEEKLY Group Strength Training & Conditioning Programs for 40-plus Athletes and Non-Athletes Alike. The initial component of these weekly Strength & Conditioning training programs focuses on the energy, intensity, and performance of the training session itself while addressing key strength training variables, caloric and nutritional requirements, and personal needs and goals.

Following the training session, members gather together in an informal peer support setting located in the center of the training facility where there is a free flow of information related to the existing purpose, agenda, and the structure of the group. This relaxed atmosphere helps build respect and ownership among members; strengthens and reinforces camaraderie and unity; and encourages participants to team up to discuss issues, gain insights, build communities, and help solve the difficult challenges the world has today.

I believe that by combining a strong sense of community, individualized training modifications, and lifestyle hacks required to maximize results outside of the gym, each Modern Mature Male and DOMINATE Gym Member will have the tools they need to look, feel, and move their best.

I encourage you to empty your cup-show up, share, and learn!

  • Build maximal and absolute strength
  • Increase speed, power, and strength endurance
  • Improve functional and structural hypertrophy
  • Preserve muscle, reduce body fat, and optimize hormone levels
  • Acknowledge experiences and struggles, accept the past, and deliver peer support assistance
  • Define values, solidify beliefs, practice virtues, and become a man of good character
  • Develop men's social networking groups, team up to set and achieve goals, and enrich the lives of others

Monthly Group Training (2-4 athletes)

Monthly Rate: $240.00 (2 Sessions Per Week)

One-on-One Private Training

Session Rate: $60.00

Session Packages Available

All Programs Include Nutrition Assistance


 Monday: 7:00 am – 12:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:00 am – 12:00 pm

Friday: 7:00 am – 12:00 pm

Saturday: By Appointment Only

Sunday: CLOSED

Our 1,500 sq ft. Private Strength, Conditioning, and Athletic Performance Training Facility
Client Testimonials

“We are so grateful for Brett Place’s class!! His method of teaching has challenged, motivated, and encouraged our children in the area of physical fitness. Our kids are ages 13, 11, 9, and 6 and he has been able to meet each one where they are at all while teaching them at the same time. Not only have we seen improvement in their athletic ability but their confidence in themselves has grown. Brett’s coaching is enthusiastic, informative, and personal. We highly recommend his class to all families!!”

“It has been quite a journey for this busy mom of four to figure out a way to workout that isn't all consuming (time wise and psychologically). I've done so many things the last 20 years... Crossfit, Barre, typical gym workouts, running, you name it! Training under Brett Place, at Dominate Gym, has been the workout I've always needed. In a short amount of time, I am able to have a full body workout that leaves me feeling strong, challenged, confident, and excited for the future. Thank you Brett for giving me the opportunity!”

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