Everyday Life: Maximizing Time and Healing Relationships

Maximizing your strengths and gaining control:

  • Work is stressing you out
  • Kids get sick
  • Cars need repairs
  • Bills pop up out of nowhere
  • Family time needs to be a priority
  • But what about date night?
  • Of course there’s social events
  • Birthday parties
  • Cake and ice cream
  • School events
  • The kids have sports and practices
  • Your relatives need help
  • Your employees need your attention

It is enough to drive anyone crazy, right?

I mean who has time for fitness when there are a million other things to do?

As a family guy, I totally get understand. My family and businesses keep me incredibly busy most days.

There are many days where things are chaotic, and it’s really easy to get overwhelmed, discouraged, and dejected.

You set goals, but then you miss the mark. You feel the weight of the world is on your shoulders, and nothing seems to lighten the burden. There is always more to get done and less time to do it

There has got to be a way to handle it all, right?

Yes and no . . .

Trying to do it all at once will not work. You have to prioritize and periodize your life. You cannot go to extremes on all fronts and expect to win the war. You cannot be 100% to 100% of everything. You have to give your undivided focus and attention to certain things at certain times.

Of course, easier said than done, right?

Here is what I have found works really well for busy, hard-working, and active parents who live demanding everyday lives and want to get in shape:

  • Workout early in the day 3x per week
  • Schedule your week ahead of time
  • Eat 2-4x per day max and avoid processed food
  • Go for daily evening walks as a family
  • Playtime = cardio
  • Get your family involved with healthy food and strength training
  • Say no to anything that does not directly improve your situation or help your mission
  • Protect your time
  • Push hard to lose weight for 4-6 weeks then give yourself a break
  • Be OK with slow progress
  • Get to bed as early as possible according to a daily set schedule and time
  • Take weekends off from training and focus on family activities, events, and routines
  • Be present with your kids at all times
  • Delegate more at work and in your private business
  • Do not chase financial success or covet other people’s lives. Give value and attract the right customers

This life can be crazy and overwhelming, and the burden of living up to the status quo or our own preconceived notion of success can negatively impact mental and physical well-being and lead to poor health and disease.

Do not allow yourself to become depressed or distraught just because you are in a situation now that is not ideal. Take one step forward at a time. It is never too late. Never quit, never give up and stay grateful. Stay passionate about being the best version of you to the world.

Re-establishing, repairing, and restoring meaningful relationships in your life:

This is where the rubber meets the road, boys and girls.

Want to know the answer to 98-99% of the relationship issues, concerns, and challenges in our daily lives?

Fix your own shit!

My recommendations:

  • Lift weights daily
  • Eat the right foods
  • Read good, healthy books
  • Spend time around high-achievers
  • Engage in wholesome activities and hobbies
  • Get more sleep
  • Manage your finances well, and save your money
  • Build a band of brothers
  • Learn a valuable skill (you need 3 hobbies in life: one to keep you creative, one to keep you in shape, and one make you money
  • Make a plan, and work hard at it

If you do not believe me, try it. Do every one of these things for a month.  Then, after reassessing your successes and failures, tell me if you do not begin to see some marked improvements in your personal and professional relationships.

And, if you catch yourself saying something to the effect of, “It is not me, it is them,” continue to follow these steps for another 30 days. You will start to see positive progression that influences the people around you in a healthy, positive manner.

True men lead. Men and women are attracted to leadership bound in courage, integrity, authenticity, and humble introspection. So, lead. Start with yourself.

Stay Strong,

Brett Place