A strength and conditioning coach and physical preparation specialist's pursuit of knowledge and understanding of optimal physical health, mental wellness, and athletic performance for the serious lifter, the athlete, and the over 40 male.

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Online informational resource focused on the progressive acquisition and development of the necessary mental, physical, and spiritual lifestyle tools crucial for success on and off the field of play.


We are a small, private STRENGTH training laboratory founded on REAL WORLD TRAINING that caters to youth athletes, competitive individuals, and career professionals who are serious about training, maintaining a superior level of fitness, and results. Our goal is simple, elevate performance, push through barriers, and become the best!

Surviving Middle Age With Dignity and Class: Navigating the Warning Signs of a Soul-Crushing Midlife Crisis 

The Midlife Stew: The Time-Honored Trough and 40's Funk Shaped by a Hormonal Bio-Extremes, Body Image, Transition of Identity and Self-Confidence, Self-Indulgence, and Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

Midelife Crisis

Testosterone Replacement Therapy:  It's Not Just Giving Your Sex Life a Boost

Hypogonadism and the Effects of Low Testosterone: Depression, Low Libido, Weak Erections and Orgasms, Reduction in Sleep Quality, Inability to Build Muscle Mass, Poor Recovery, and Low Energy.


Building Your Toolbox: Mental Toughness and Muscle Growth at Middle Age

Making Progress Through Your 40's, 50's, 60's, and Beyond: Adapting to Wear and Tear, Developing Mental Strategies, Improving Mental Toughness and Efficiency, Increasing Training Intensity and Frequency, Managing Muscular Limitations, Preserving Muscle Mass While Dieting, Promoting Fat Loss, Stoking the Metabolic Furnace, Staying Injury-Free, and Maintaining Perspective.


Lessons in Manliness

On Manhood, Masculinity, Virtue, and Personal Development: Recover From a Dead Existence, Off-Load Conditioning From the Past, Seek Personal Masculinity, Find Your Determination, Understand Your Connection With Others and With Yourself, See Your Own Power and Strength, and Become a Re-Awakened Man.


Next Steps...

My Friends in Iron, "Old Age Should Burn and Rave at Close of Day; Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light," and Make Great Changes to Your Training, to Your Health, and to Your Life.